Respiratory Centre Update

The new respiratory centre at the Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital is on track.  Building work commences in the next few weeks and should be completed late next year.

The new centre will offer the following direct benefits to the CF community:
+ Easy access, in a brand new facility
+ Combines acute CF assessment area
+ Increased consulting, medicine/nursing areas
+ Clinical trials capability
+ New consultant: Dr Andrew Tye (0.8 FTE) Starts mid Feb 2010
+ Co-location with a new CF & Gene Therapy Research Lab
+ The Lung Function Laboratory incorporates new assessment tools for:
+ Earlier detection of lung disease
+ Assessing lung function
+ Testing very young children, and for older children 
+ Multiple breath washout
+ Forced Oscillation Technique (FOT) 
+ World standard attention to prevention of cross-infections during lung health testing
+ State-of-the-art layout design to minimise cross infection risks for CF and other patients
+ Negative-pressure airflow rooms for lung function testing of high-risk children with airway infections
    There will be more announcements on this exciting development in the near future.

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