On September 16th Become A Cure4CF City-Bay Hero!

Dust off those sneakers, grab those museli bars and start planning your interpretive dance moves*... it's City-Bay Fun Run time!

The Sunday Mail City-Bay Fun Run (Adelaide, SA) is a fabulous day, and whether you are entering as an individual, with friends or as a team you can make it even better by raising funds to support Cure4CF and the effort to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis Airway Disease. Last year, Danika Rohde, Amanda Kenny and their teams achieved ultimate City-Bay Hero status by raising over $2200 for Cure4CF.

Supporting Cure4CF is easy: simply go to the Everyday Hero website and setup an account, nominating Cure4CF as your charity. You can now use your Everyday Hero webpage to keep friends and family up to date with your training and enlist their support.

Pink sneakers and socks
These socks & sneakers are ready to head to the Bay!

*Please note: interpretive dance moves are completely optional, and probably not appropriate for the serious runners amongst us, but they do add to the fun. We suggest a quick dance at every kilometre marker.

See you at the Bay on Sunday 16th September!

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