Cystic Fibrosis SA joins forces for a cure

A $25,000 donation from Cystic Fibrosis SA will be directed by Cure4CF Foundation towards critical research being undertaken by research scientist, Nigel Farrow.

Nigel’s continued research into a groundbreaking treatment for airway stem cells was recently in doubt due to a lack of funding. You can read more about Nigel’s inspiring story here.

“We are delighted to be able to support the important work Cure4CF is doing and, in particular, the research being conducted by Nigel.

Nigel’s story moved us, giving up his career to begin CF research after his daughter was diagnosed with CF, and so we were more than happy to help as much as we could,” said Leanne Davis, Executive Director, Cystic Fibrosis SA.

Leanne added that “whilst Cystic Fibrosis SA aims to support our members through everyday, practical services like subsidies and equipment, we of course understand how vital research is into paving the way for a cure and are fully supportive of the work Cure4CF does. We hope this funding will go a long way into helping the team, and Nigel, achieve their goals.”

“We are incredibly grateful to Cystic Fibrosis SA for their generosity and excited about the possibilities for Nigel’s research. The CFSA donation is the most recent, and significant example, of the two South Australian CF organisations working together to improve the lives of CF families,” said David Coluccio, Chairman, Cure4CF Foundation.

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