A welcome injection of funds for critical cystic fibrosis research from the NHMRC

Cure4CF Foundation is delighted to announce new funding of more than $814,000 for local research into a potential cure for this chronic lung disease.

The money has been made available from the National Health and Medical Research Council and will help fund a three-year project to identify the role that airway stem cells play in gene therapy.

Associate Professor David Parsons, who heads up the Adelaide CF Gene Therapy Research Group, said the money is essential as his team prepares to move its work into human trials in the next five years.

“It will not only allow us to better understand how to produce a long-term gene therapy treatment, but it will also help advance the potential for using this method as a prevention for CF airway disease,” said Mr. Parsons.

David Coluccio, Chairman of the Cure4CF Foundation, which has committed to underwrite the research group’s five-year strategy, said this financial support is a vital and critical step.

“If the techniques and strategies developed are successful, there is enormous potential to vastly improve the lives of the 3,000 people living with CF in Australia, and more than 70,000 people worldwide,” said Mr Coluccio.

“The NHMRC support certainly adds a lot of credibility to this project but costs remain large and Cure4CF still needs to raise more than $1.5 million annually for the next five years to help ensure this goal can be realised.

“The journey to find a cure for CF must be a collaborative effort and in Adelaide we are fortunate to have some of the best people working on this research. But really it is now up to us as a community to make sure that this potential cure for CF airway disease is made a reality, by also making a significant investment in it.”


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